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In addition to the amenities and facilities being enjoyed by the residents of Greenwoods Village, Norfolk residents have special privileges…

A Grand Entrance – This phase has an intricate entrance to the pine enclave. It is a landscaped entrance signage located before crossing the bridge that connects Norfolk Ridge to Greenwoods Village.

A Stately Fresh Landscape – The streets are now planted with "Araucaria" or Norfolk Pine trees, framed for their perfect cone symmetry and elegant charm.

A Woodland Park and Playground – A park and children's playground now exists near the entrance of the enclave just before the entrance bridge for the use and enjoyment of its residents.

Pine-Inspired Street Signs and Street Names – All streets are named after the Pine Family of trees. Start building your dream home by availing of our house and lot offerings big enough for any family. 

  • Playground
  • Mini Park
  • Gazebo
  • Basketball Court
  • Chapel
  • Picnic Grounds
  • Village Square
  • Badminton Center
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pools
  • Nature Trails
  • Amphitheatre
  • Fishing Area
  • Viewing Decks with Exercise Area
  • Multi-Purpose Pavilions
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Your home at Norfolk Ridge, set in the beautiful 80 hectare expanse of nature that is the Greenwoods development, will have a very attractive array of amenities and facilities that will not only provide endless possibilities for an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle right here at your doorstep, but will also add unbeatable value to your home in years to come.

The amenities available to all Norfolk Ridge residents include:

Swimming Pools
Dedicated adult and children's swimming pools, located adjacent to Norfolk Ridge and a few minutes' walk from home in the Greenwoods Activity Center will be sure to become one of the favorite spots for your family and neighbors to gather every day and enjoy a healthy workout or, for the little ones, safe and fun water play.

Multi-Purpose Pavilions
Two multi-purpose pavilions in the setting of your choice, one located at the Greenwoods Activity Center and the other at the Greenwods Sports and Leisure Center will be the perfect place to host events, gatherings, parties and other functions on special occasions.

Basketball Courts
Several basketball courts for the exclusive use of residents will be sure to become your teenagers' favorite hangout spots for some healthy sport, recreation and socializing, all within easy and safe distance from home.

Badminton Courts
Indoor badminton courts, located at the purpose-built Badminton Center, will provide the perfect venue for hours of exercise and socializing, no matter what the weather.

Tennis Courts
Located at the Greenwoods Sports and Leisure Center, tennis courts are a rare amenity in most residential developments, so if you are a tennis fan, you will have unlimited access to your own private tennis courts when you choose to live in Norfolk Ridge.

Wellness Park
A wellness park, also conveniently located adjacent to Norfolk Ridge, has sequential outdoor exercise stations that will guarantee you a great workout and improve your health and strength.

Children's Play Areas
Located along the grassy banks of a stream, a children's play area right next to your home in Norfolk Ridge will let you enjoy some quality time with your kids in the healthy outdoors, and build happy childhood memories.

Life Trail
Another wonderful place for your little ones to play, learn and explore, the Life Trail features swings, monkey bars, see-saws and other traditional playground equipment. Get your kids outside with lots of healthy activities in fresh air, which will stimulate their minds and senses.

Nature Trail
A lush and extensive nature trail, running the length of the entire Greenwoods development, will be your favorite place to take a walk or have a brisk jog, all without leaving home.

Fishing Area
A fishing area, by the banks of the pretty stream that runs through Greenwoods, is the perfect spot for you to sit and wait for that elusive bite on the line, as you enjoy the calm and serenity of nature in your neighborhood.

Village Chapel
For the faithful, the developers of Greenwoods has thoughtfully incorporated a village chapel in a beautiful modern design right here in the neighborhood, to foster a wonderful sense of community through worship.

At Norfolk Ridge, you will enjoy being at home in lush landscaped greenery with wide, spacious private roads throughout the enclave. Front and secondary entrance gates with guardhouses, and 24 hour roving security patrols ensure that you and family will always have complete peace of mind at home.

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